Terraband is an NYC-based startup building distributed sensor networks
and discovering previously uncaptured datastreams

Who We Are

Terraband owns and operates wireless networks in the New York City metropolis - including TAMARACK, our securely managed LPWAN network for new and existing distibuted sensor networks.

Our applications span ecological detection and monitoring, industrial controls, bioremediation, and smart city infrastructures.


Our experience in network engineering, wireless infrastructure, sensors, and distributed sensornets lets us observe, analyze, and act on complex cyber and social interactions from real-world data.


Our perspective is that IoT technology is concurrent with human well-being, and responsible governance. We will help the IoT ecosystem of New York City evolve and serve both communities and commercial operations in positive sum relationships.


Fault-tolerant insights on wireless networking, urban infrastructure, sensornets, embedded, and more—inspired by history, humans, and automata.

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    2 St. Nicholas Ave. #42
    Bushwick, Brooklyn 11237
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    (508) 901-9375